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Our leftwing "organizing" and flash mob "revolutions" alone aren't working.

Our ranks are shrinking. For the "undecided", the indifferent, those on the fence apolitical assholes or the so-called liberal cowards out there, we are something close to lepers. So, fuck them. We, activists, are alone.

Now, we can go on pretending that what we are doing works, we can continue believing that organizing is the only way to fight fascist capitalism.

Or, we can, while organizing, resort to IDA, Individual Direct Action.

Each and every one of us can carry out sabotage acts against our fascist capitalist system.

Although some activists talk about the capitalist system as if it were something abstract, invisible, beyond our reach, our control, the "invisible hand" of capital, free is not!

That system is built and operated by people! Rich people! That system is run with computers, machines, through institutions (buildings), they are all physical things that can be damaged.

Utah Phillips once said:
"The earth is not dying, she is being murdered. And we know who is killing her and we have their names and addresses."
Capital has a body that can be, if not destroyed right away, damaged,slowed down, little by little, here and there with surgical strikes.

Sand, oil, glue, water, a wire cutter, a hammer can do great damage.

If we, activists, are really serious about destroying capitalism, a system that is killing us all and our beautiful Earth in its savage endless pursuit of ever more money, then IDA is one of the ways to do it. We need revolutionary chaos.

You may ask what my plan is for after capitalism is destroyed. I don't have a plan.

Just like the french revolutionary Auguste Blanqui said: we'll talk about the rebuilding later.
"May the Great Mystery make Sunrise in your heart."
   Sioux Indian Saying
Brkic Sulejman

December 16, 2013
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