"Occupy" Wall Street? Better burn it down!

Occupy Wall Street...I still don't know what to think of the OWSt. thing...

I was talking with my brother the other day and we were like:"finally!...some of the people, in the country that is the greatest purveyor of violence on earth, woke up..."

I personally think it's a middle class bunch of reformists whose pockets started to hurt...I will take them more seriously when they stop saying "peace, peaceful, peacefully..." every 3 minutes and start exercising their right to bear arms...

I've checked out quite a few western Internet forums and blogs...and so on...and there is very little, if any, about the fact that Libya was just ravaged by a bunch of oil thirsty western vultures with the help of their local quislings...or about the ongoing rape of Iraq...or about Palestine forced to beg to be Palestine...

Let us be honest among ourselves on the western Left...so far, western activism, when it comes to alleviating the burden imposed on the rest of the world by our gluttonous way of life, has been, with a very few exceptions, a joke.
Our true
liberation will come only when we fully and unconditionally align ourselves with the peoples that are oppressed and exploited by our western governments and whose suffering is the real price of our freedoms and our comfortable way of life. Their sweat and blood is greasing the wheels of our capitalism.

So, Occupy Wall Street?...hmmm...I'm not sure what that means....

Burn down Wall Street!....yes! Much clearer!

To the wretched of the earth:"Occupy the USA!"

Brkic Sulejman


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